Approaching World Contraception Day and International Safe Abortion Day, UN experts emphasize the urgent need to protect sexual and reproductive rights, especially in crises. They call for global commitment to access to contraceptives and safe abortion services.
Khalida*, a Quetta resident, has been battling a meth and heroin addiction for the past 3 years. Experts say that drug use among women is on the rise in Balochistan, but no rehab facilities are available for their treatment.
AGHS Legal Aid Cell on Friday conducted a workshop on population control and family planning as part of its paralegal program. The program is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands.
BMTA’s protest in Quetta has entered its 45th day. Teachers are demanding for the regularisation of Health Professional Allowance and an increased teaching allowance from a meagre Rs. 500 to Rs. 100,000, however the govt has yet to respond to these demands.

Rights Watch | 15 June 2023

UN Report Warns of Imminent Nutrition Crisis in Pakistan UN report warns of imminent nutrition crisis in Pakistan due to existing high malnutrition rates, particularly among young children. 84 districts affected by last year's floods show distressing nutrition indicators, with...
According to a WHO report, Lahore ranked first among the most polluted cities in the world with Peshawar ranking fifth. The report is based on data collected in the year 2022. 

Rights Watch | 1 June 2023

Man sentenced to life for killing boy A man has been given a life imprisonment sentence and fined Rs800,000 for the murder of a young boy in January 2021. The incident occurred in village Rasoolpura, under the jurisdiction of Ganda...

Rights Watch | 17 April 2023

Diplo Town in Tharparkar Shuts Down Over Alleged Forced Conversion of Hindu Woman The Diplo town of Tharparkar shut down due to a strike over the alleged forced conversion of a Hindu woman who married a Muslim man. The protest...

Rights Watch | 14 March 2023

Punjab Launches Health Screening for 55,000 Prisoners Across 43 Jails to Combat Communicable Diseases Punjab begins health screening of prisoners for communicable diseases, with the aim to finish by March 17. The initiative will cover 55,000 prisoners across 43 jails...
A research study found high levels of lead in nine of the major Pakistani paint brands, and in eight smaller brands while some ‘lead-free’ brands also contained high levels of lead, endangering the health of children in Pakistan.