Rights Watch | 18 March 2023

Infant Dies in Karachi Suicide Attempt by Financially Distressed Family Due to Inflation A family in Karachi attempted suicide due to financial distress caused by inflation, resulting in the death of a two-year-old girl. The father, who was the sole...
The family of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf worker Ali Bilal, who allegedly died of police torture, said no case has been registered on their complaint while the government has formed a committee to investigate the alleged custodial death.
Political parties must consider a constitutional amendment that envisages a separate chapter on local governments, determining their guiding principles, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's national conference report on local government.
KP Bar Council has demanded early convening of the Judicial Commission to consider the elevation of PHC senior-most judges to the Supreme Court ahead of their retirement as it mounts a protest campaign against the non-elevation of judges from the province.
There is still no clarity on whether polls in KP&Punjab will be held within 90 days as govt&opposition bicker over the SC 3-2 verdict on Wednesday that ruled provincial polls be held within the constitutional timeframe.
The minority community demand dual-voting rights to allow them to directly elect their representatives on reserved seats, but activists point out it would mark the return of the separate electorate system.

Rights Watch | 18th February 2023

Peshawar High Court Grants Bail to Man Accused of Sexual Abuse Under Pretext of Marriage   A man accused of sexually abusing a woman under the pretext of marriage in Swat has been granted bail by the Peshawar High Court.  The court...
As Turkey’s death toll increases drastically, and the body count rises, Pakistan has begun sending its humanitarian aid, despite still reeling from its own situation of dealing with the devastating floods across the country.
In a landmark judgment, the SC has reaffirmed that the reserved job quotas for minorities and PWDs are their constitutional right and cannot be reversed or made available to other citizens in Pakistan.
Local tribes have opposed gas supply to Punjab from North Waziristan gasfield, calling on the government to prioritise the provision of gas to residents in the tribal district. MNA Mohsin Dawar moves call-attention notice over issue in NA.