Speaking in the Voicepk.net webinar on custodial torture, former PPP senator Farhatullah Babar has lamented that Parliament has become ineffective in enacting legislation to criminalise torture despite several attempts over the years.
The federal cabinet has decided to send a reference to the SC for PTI’s dissolution in light of the ECP regarding the foreign funding case. PTI held protests to call for CEC’s resignation.
September 24th, 2020; Bureau Report; LAHORE: FIA has charged journalists Aizaz Syed, Umar Cheema, Ammar Masood, Asad Ali Toor, Ihtisham Afghan, Murtaza Solangi among 49 media activists under PECA for activities ‘found detrimental against the state institutions, especially against the security forces of Pakistan’.
KP Bar Council has demanded early convening of the Judicial Commission to consider the elevation of PHC senior-most judges to the Supreme Court ahead of their retirement as it mounts a protest campaign against the non-elevation of judges from the province.
Speaking at the Asma Jahangir Conference 2022, senior parliamentarians called on apex court judges to respect the written word of the Constitution and not overwrite or rewrite on pretext of interpretation or otherwise.

Rights Watch | 18th February 2023

Peshawar High Court Grants Bail to Man Accused of Sexual Abuse Under Pretext of Marriage   A man accused of sexually abusing a woman under the pretext of marriage in Swat has been granted bail by the Peshawar High Court.  The court...
A female officer's removal as head of district police in Layyah has brought the issue of 'political interference in the police department into the spotlight with the apex court seeking a record of all police transfers in the last eight years.
As Turkey’s death toll increases drastically, and the body count rises, Pakistan has begun sending its humanitarian aid, despite still reeling from its own situation of dealing with the devastating floods across the country.
In a landmark judgment, the SC has reaffirmed that the reserved job quotas for minorities and PWDs are their constitutional right and cannot be reversed or made available to other citizens in Pakistan.
The conflict between the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government and the local government regarding the demolition and reconstruction of the 65-year-old old Masjid Speen Jamaat on University Road in Peshawar has intensified as authorities dispute the restoration plans.