Local tribes have opposed gas supply to Punjab from North Waziristan gasfield, calling on the government to prioritise the provision of gas to residents in the tribal district. MNA Mohsin Dawar moves call-attention notice over issue in NA.
Political parties must consider a constitutional amendment that envisages a separate chapter on local governments, determining their guiding principles, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's national conference report on local government.
Day 2 of "Reclaiming The Space: Reading the Constitution from Women's Perspective" conference emphasized women's empowerment. Discussions covered resource access, support systems, and gender-responsive budgeting. Recommendations included policy prioritization, human rights institutions, constitutional language review, and inclusive education.
  By Rehan Piracha & Xari Jalil LAHORE Outdated and discriminatory bail laws from the Colonial era, and rampant neglect by the state authorities in Pakistan have not only resulted in overcrowding in Pakistani jails and prisons, but have also deprived prisoners...
The Sindh Cabinet on Wednesday approved a 5-year human rights policy, drafted by the SHRC, which is designed to protect the rights of marginalized and oppressed communities across Sindh.
Surviving for the past year without government support or rehabilitation, Hanna Urak’s residents fear that another flood this year will completely wipe out the valley.
Afghan journalists in Pakistan say they are deprived of security, work permits and any aid from national and international bodies. On World Refugee Day 2023, Afghan journalists are seeking fundamental rights.
In an evaluation report regarding Pakistan’s GSP+ status, the EU voiced concerns over rising cases of enforced disappearances, curbs on free speech, as well as civilian trials in military courts in the wake of May 9 riots.
Rights and press bodies have condemned PEMRA’S ban on live coverage of events outside the Islamabad Judicial Complex. They say such a ban infringes people right to know and PEMRA should not have power to impose such restrictions.
Haq Do Gwadar chief Hadiyat-ur-Rehman was released on bail by the SC after 4 months imprisonment. He says he stands by his ideology and no one can "update his software".