Pakistan's decision to deport all illegal immigrants sparks global concern. While officials cite alignment with international practices, global entities and human rights organizations condemn the move, urging protection for Afghan refugees and advocating for voluntary, safe repatriation.
DG Immigration & Passports has sought a week to respond to a petition by Adv Khadija Bokhari in the Lahore High Court, that challenges any policies prohibiting women from retaining their father's name post-marriage.
A recent report by HRW highlights concerns over IMF's policies allegedly undermining human rights & inadequately addressing social spending during COVID19.
Afghan travelers and delivery drivers stranded in Pakistan for the past 8 days must now rely on the charity of locals to get by. A stalemate between Pakistan and Afghanistan casts uncertainty over when they will be allowed to return via Torkham.
On Tuesday, the Senate Human Rights Committee met in Islamabad to tackle pressing issues surrounding the wrongful application of blasphemy laws.
The appointment of the new interim prime minister has raised concerns regarding his previous remarks about enforced disappearances. Akhtar Mengal criticized the nomination.
Anwaar ul Haq kakars appointment as caretaker PM gives the country a man who has much influence among Baloch tribes.
Official Secrets (Amendment) Bill passed by National Assembly with minor changes. Government allies express discontent, cautioning against its potential future use against current administration members.
Surviving for the past year without government support or rehabilitation, Hanna Urak’s residents fear that another flood this year will completely wipe out the valley.
The Sindh Cabinet on Wednesday approved a 5-year human rights policy, drafted by the SHRC, which is designed to protect the rights of marginalized and oppressed communities across Sindh.