Unravelling election manifestos is like decoding a roadmap to a brighter future. It is where promises meet empowerment. But is the same true for the manifestos presented by the PPP, PML-N and PTI for Feb 8 elections? Say, if one of them wins the elections, will women get a fabulous makeover in Pakistan?
Making history, Luke Rahmat is the first Kalash man to run for a general seat in the provincial assembly from PK-2 Lower Chitral.
Activists and politicians warn that any attempt to disturb the election process through internet and mobile phone service outages on February 8 will further isolate Balochistan from rest of the country
With variations observed across constituencies in women’s turnout, initial trends indicate that approximately 43 percent of women turned out to vote in Pakistan, marking a slight increase from the 40 percent of women who voted in the 2018 elections
Voicepk.net witnessed a sluggish start to polling in Lahore and the Federal Territory, while violence and terror attacks marred elections in various parts of KP and Balochistan. Internet and communications faced disruptions across the country.
A noticeable lack of excitement marred the election season this year, as compared to the 2018 elections. While the atmosphere remained calm and peaceful, some complaints were received in the early morning with regard to 15-minute delayed starts in polling stations in rural areas, attributed to unprepared polling agents. Some voters claimed the staff had misbehaved with them.