The parties pledge inclusive laws and protection against forced conversions and blasphemy accusations. But, the critical question remains: will they follow through on these commitments if elected into power?
Despite the Transgender Persons Act guaranteeing their right to vote, the 2017 census identified only 780 transgenders in Balochistan, highlighting the need for improved data collection efforts for this marginalized community.
Making history, Luke Rahmat is the first Kalash man to run for a general seat in the provincial assembly from PK-2 Lower Chitral.
Activists and politicians warn that any attempt to disturb the election process through internet and mobile phone service outages on February 8 will further isolate Balochistan from rest of the country
Unravelling election manifestos is like decoding a roadmap to a brighter future. It is where promises meet empowerment. But is the same true for the manifestos presented by the PPP, PML-N and PTI for Feb 8 elections? Say, if one of them wins the elections, will women get a fabulous makeover in Pakistan?
Ahmadis face an impossible choice at the ballot box: denounce their core religious beliefs or be excluded from voting altogether. This discriminatory system, in place for over 50 years, has silenced their voices and denied them a crucial role in shaping Pakistan's democracy, including the upcoming elections of 2024.