The Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights (NWJDR) strongly condemns the use of technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV) and Generative AI to target and silence women journalists in Pakistan.
Activists and politicians warn that any attempt to disturb the election process through internet and mobile phone service outages on February 8 will further isolate Balochistan from rest of the country
With only 9 days left for the elections in the country, and with election campaigns in full swing, the imposition of Article 144 allows limited freedom of campaigning to a limited number of people. in an oppressive move by the government, protests, rallies, and meetings have been made subject to the permission of the administration and the police.
While the FIA was said to have slapped notices on journalists, CJP Qazi Faez Isa, in a suo moto court proceeding directed FIA not to take any action against any journalist merely on the basis of his or her criticism. However, concerns have been rising about shrinking freedom of expression in Pakistan.
A report by the Institute of Research, Advocacy and Development (IRADA) reveals that the relationship between the state and media deteriorated during the past two years due to growing instances of censorship, violence against journalists and government disdain for criticism.
The Human Rights Watch released its world report on Thursday, where it has detailed the situation of human rights violations in countries across the world. In the report Pakistan also makes its way as one of the countries where there have been several rights violations during the year, with worse political and economic issues than the year before.  
A nationwide disruption of social media platforms was reported on Sunday night as the PTI held a virtual fundraising telethon ahead of Feb 8 general elections.
On Monday, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution expressing deep concern over ‘negative and malicious propaganda against the armed forces and other security agencies’ on social media platforms.
In an evaluation report regarding Pakistan’s GSP+ status, the EU voiced concerns over rising cases of enforced disappearances, curbs on free speech, as well as civilian trials in military courts in the wake of May 9 riots.
Turbat University students allege ban on opening bookstalls and holding poetry recitals. UoT admin however asserts that political activity on campus is not allowed.