Even Jinnah, who is normally considered a liberal politician, was confused about the place Islam would have in the new state he was founding. “Jinnah talked about inclusion and exclusion at the same time,”
Speaking on the lack of implementation of rape laws, panelists at the Asma Jahangir Conference 2021 – Challenges to Human Dignity held that there is a need to recontextualize rape as an exercise in power rather than simply a sexual crime, and called for removal of hurdles to implementation of existing anti-rape laws.
Judges, lawmakers and child rights activists at AJCONF 2021 noted that children are not afforded a role in the laws and justice system meant to facilitate them in the session Role of Children in Family Proceedings.
Kashmiri panelists called for a review in Pakistan’s approach to the ongoing Kashmir conflict, with an urge for the country to play its role in facilitating dialogue between indigenous Kashmiris with the states of Pakistan and India, and pushing for global solidarity with the affected people of the Valley.
Women in Student Politics: Going Down Memory Lane


"When I decided to explore the role played by women in student politics during the 60s-80s, I did not know that there would be such a huge lack of information. It proved that we have erased or neglected the role of women from history."
CJP Gulzar says will quit rather than buckle under pressure
As Pakistan marks Mental Health Day, mental health experts say society must prioritise help for children who are scarred from emotional strain.

Leftover Landmines: A Nightmare Reborn

The entire belt of the merged trial districts, formerly known as FATA has been trying to move on from conflicts from the past, but the leftover land mines still buried in unknown areas, continue to take lives, and limbs both. 

Torkham to Kabul Part 2

Some men had barged into homes & had ‘dishonoured’ the women who lived there
Extremist groups are feeling emboldened after the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan.