The northern areas of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa including Malakand and Hazara divisions, and Gilgit-Baltistan have been cut off from the lower regions due to the floods.
Thousands of residents in villages in Kacha area of Rajanpur remained stranded amid floods while some of them are evacuating on their own on locally built boats which are at risk of collapse due to the overloading of belongings and people fleeing the flood-hit region.
Stranded inhabitants of Kacha areas along the borders of Rahim Yar Khan and Rajanpur districts await government relief as floodwater begins surrounding them.
PDMA Balochistan reports that 31 out of the province's 34 districts have been badly affected by monsoon-related disasters.
Balach Nowsherwani tragically drowned while attempting to save a minor who fell into a karez inundated with rainwater. The two are yet more casualties of an ongoing natural disaster.
The death toll from Balochistan floods and rains has reached a worrying 136, while at least 13,000 homes have been destroyed leaving thousands displaced and without shelter.
While Sindh has remained water scarce since the past 20 years, a combination of severe climatic conditions and unequal distribution is destroying lands and livelihoods.

An Ode to the Vulnerable

Nazim Jokhio’s righteous anger may just have stemmed from the fact that these rich foreign guests swoop down like their own hunting falcons, to exploit these areas, leaving little behind besides death and destruction.
A panel of climate change experts and government officials is to draft suggestions for a proposed law to protect the ecosystem of the Murree Hills, Lahore High Court said in an order
Social and political activists have announced that they will be holding a Climate Justice March on Monday, November 8.