LAHORE: As the students’ solidarity march is set to begin on Friday, a charged atmosphere engulfs the campuses. Students in FC College and LUMS aired their views openly, but in GCU there were reports of fear in the air. Students...
January 26th, 2021; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; Students across the country are marching against ‘in-person exams’ being unliterally imposed on them by university administrations after months of online classes. University administrations have responded with dictatorial high handedness with several injuries being reported.
Around 30 suspects were briefly detained in connection with clashes between students celebrating Holi festival at Punjab University in Lahore.
Baloch students are staging a sit-in outside the VC office in PU against what they have termed as a ‘deliberate procedural delay’ in the allotment of seats reserved for students belonging to the Balochistan province
MDCAT protests intensify as students allege irregularities in online exam
- Story by Haider Kaleem. The Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood justified why the Government must continue its plan to make students attend classes despite the non-availability of the Internet in most of the peripheral areas of Pakistan. But...
The teachers' strike against the privatization of schools across Punjab is still ongoing. The silence of the caretaker government is a cause of concern for government employees as well as poor families benefiting from public schools.
When students across 50 cities in Pakistan marched for their rights, government ministers spoke up in support. And yet, the very next day, marchers as well as teachers, leaders and representatives who attended the protests, were slapped with sedition...
The young students banged on their drums, shouted from every corner and raised their slogans in solidarity with the victims of harassment at Balochistan University Mashal Khan, his family and others like him the transgender community who marched for equal access to education alongside students, ethnic minorities and labourers, who marched for freedom. It was heartening to see students from across Pakistan raising voice for these victims and bringing them to light after they have faded from the memory of the mainstream media.
The Government Teachers Association held a protest outside the Turbat Press Club against the non-payment of 8-months' salaries of 184 intern teachers. The GTA claims dozens of schools in Kech and Awaran have closed once again, depriving some 5,000 students of an education.