October 26th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; “I agree with the principle that there should be a standardized test for all pre-medical students in the country. But the government should be smart enough to realize that before instituting a standardized test, it is important to institute a standardized syllabus for students across the country,".  
June 8th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; All eyes are on the Supreme Court's hearing on June 11 as removal of religious content from compulsory subjects other than Islamiayat in SNC is at an impasse following the Punjab government’s refusal to do so.
The annual Students' Solidarity March held in Lahore on 25 November 2022 once again called for the withdrawal of the ban on student unions in the country.
The demand to restore student unions was lit with a hope that the protest would prove to be the first step in the right direction.
Turbat University students allege ban on opening bookstalls and holding poetry recitals. UoT admin however asserts that political activity on campus is not allowed.
The students of India have found themselves to be at the forefront of these protests against the Modi government, calling it undemocratic and discriminatory against the Muslims. Young activist and former student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Umar Khalid compares the student protests in both countries and how the demands are similar on both sides of the border because both nations' youth are going through the same perils.
February 2nd, 2021 By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE: Prominent educationists have expressed concerns over the passage of the bill in the Senate for compulsory teaching of Arabic language in schools across the federal capital territory.
October 21st, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; A caravan of Baloch students from Bahauddin Zakriya University has arrived in the provincial capital, around 12 days after setting off from Multan on foot to push for the restoration of scholarships to students from Balochistan.
Child labour at brick kilns

Children of the kiln

Whether it is the scorching heat of the summer sun, or the bitter cold of the winter dawn, even those who are as young as eight or ten years old  must help make bricks so that the family gets enough daily wages.
April 2nd, 2021; By Hamid Riaz & Hassan Raza; LAHORE; Ex-FATA students of Islamiya University Bahawalpur have decided to ‘starve to death’ after negotiations with Punjab Governor for the reinstatement of quotas & scholarships fell apart today.