The IHC on Thursday rejected a Govt proposal to establish an oversight panel to prevent arbitrary arrests under Section 20 of the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act Amendment Ordinance saying it has no hesitation in calling it a draconian law.
A presidential ordinance has increased the punishment of online defamation to five years while setting a six-month timeframe for concluding trials. The federal law minister claimed the amendments in cybercrime law were made to curb ‘fake news’ while the opposition, journalists and digital rights activists termed it an attempt to gag dissent.
The state of digital media freedoms in Pakistan remained vulnerable to regulatory pressures and threats
As the UN's COP26 conference is set to begin in Glasgow, Scotland, journalists are putting forth appeals for the right to cover environmental issues
93% of all inappropriate videos uploaded to Tik Tok are removed within seconds
Pakistan is among top 10 countries with the most restrictions on internet freedom.
The battle between the Afghan Taliban and Afghan security forces for control of territory in the war-ravaged country is also being fought on the ground of cyberspace
News websites must be locally-based and should be operational for over six months to receive government advertisements under the proposed policy
The AIC on Monday published a statement expressing its regret that the latest draft of the Government's social media rules retains its most problematic provisions even after consultations with relevant stakeholders.
July 28th, 2021; Staff Report; LAHORE; The Sindh High Court based on one-sided arguments has directed the federal govt to ban Tik Tok in the country till July 8, over claims it was running an LGBT Pride Month campaign.