In a letter released on February 15, JAC stated that serious notice must be taken regarding the irregularities that occurred in the pre-poll and polling phases, and also during the counting processes.
Arrests during PTI protest against alleged election rigging spark outrage. Salman Akram Raja's detainment draws condemnation from civil society.
The minority community demand dual-voting rights to allow them to directly elect their representatives on reserved seats, but activists point out it would mark the return of the separate electorate system.
Despite multiple pleas to present a resolution in support of the Supreme Court’s verdict declaring the court martial of civilians null and void, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani on Monday shot down the attempt, stating that the matter was 'sub-judice'.
The Progressive Democratic Lawyers Forum organized a conference today, denouncing military court trials of civilians and calling for free and fair elections.
More than 100 journalists as well as representatives of the civil society signed and released its 6-point agenda on media freedom and journalist safety within political parties’ electoral manifestos. This was drafted by the Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights (NWJDR).
The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday issued notice to the Lahore deputy commissioner (DC) and city police for March 7 (tomorrow) on a petition challenging the denial of permission to hold the Aurat March on International Women’s Day.
In an evaluation report regarding Pakistan’s GSP+ status, the EU voiced concerns over rising cases of enforced disappearances, curbs on free speech, as well as civilian trials in military courts in the wake of May 9 riots.
As the Senate secretariat has announced that the missing persons bill has gone missing, Pakistan struggles to understand why for so many years enforced disappearances are still not criminalised.
A recent report by HRW highlights concerns over IMF's policies allegedly undermining human rights & inadequately addressing social spending during COVID19.