PK-20 and PK-21 witnessed a shift in results as PTI emerged victorious while JI faced defeat following a recount
The Altaf Hussain led MQM has backed 81 candidates in total. Yet 20 have gone missing as they have been detained by police & other law enforcement agencies. Others have been arrested on trumped up charges. But the fight is on, even if the candidates are missing, or it must be done without being allowed to campaign. It all brings attention to the violation of their basic constitutional rights.
Ahmadis face an impossible choice at the ballot box: denounce their core religious beliefs or be excluded from voting altogether. This discriminatory system, in place for over 50 years, has silenced their voices and denied them a crucial role in shaping Pakistan's democracy, including the upcoming elections of 2024.
Certain female candidates in the 2024 general elections believe they've been assigned constituencies with no voter base to hinder their chances of winning.
More than 100 journalists as well as representatives of the civil society signed and released its 6-point agenda on media freedom and journalist safety within political parties’ electoral manifestos. This was drafted by the Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights (NWJDR).
As the Senate secretariat has announced that the missing persons bill has gone missing, Pakistan struggles to understand why for so many years enforced disappearances are still not criminalised.
During a Monday presser in Islamabad, the HRCP raised alarm over gross human rights violations in Pakistan and called upon the future elected government to prioritize safeguarding fundamental freedoms.
In an evaluation report regarding Pakistan’s GSP+ status, the EU voiced concerns over rising cases of enforced disappearances, curbs on free speech, as well as civilian trials in military courts in the wake of May 9 riots.
Despite multiple pleas to present a resolution in support of the Supreme Court’s verdict declaring the court martial of civilians null and void, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani on Monday shot down the attempt, stating that the matter was 'sub-judice'.
PTM leader and former MNA Ali Wazir, was arrested once again by the Police in Dera Ismail Khan. As per Police, Wazir was arrested on charges related to speeches against institutions and the disturbance of peace.