February 10, 2024

Staff report


While there is cause for celebration regarding the participation of women in the 2024 general election, as they challenge patriarchal norms and display bravery in their political endeavors, it remains evident that they are significantly underrepresented in the quest for parliamentary seats in Pakistan. Out of the 306 women candidates vying for National Assembly seats, only 11 managed to secure victory across 265 constituencies.
Independents dominate the list of women victors with 5 seats, followed by PML-N with four seats and PPP with two seats.

In this array of constituencies, just one, NA-67 Hafizabad, witnessed a showdown between two female contenders. An independent candidate backed by PTI, Aniqa Mehdi, clinched victory with 208,943 votes, while PML-N’s Saira Afzal Tarar secured the runner-up position with 183,020 votes.

Nafisa Shah in NA-202 Khairpur secured 146,083 against GDA’s Syed Ghous Ali Shah who secured 28,613. She won the elections with a massive lead of 117,470 votes.

PTI-backed independent candidate, Shandana Gulzar, is the only woman to win a National Assembly seat in KP. She beat Nasir Khan of JUI-F by securing 78,971, with a lead of 58,021.

Section 206 of the Elections Act, 2017 mandates political parties to include at least five percent representation of women candidates on general seats. As many as 111 political parties had nominated 280 women candidates to contest the elections on general national and provincial assemblies seats, making up 4.64 percent of the total of 6,037 candidates they fielded. Another 614 women contested the general elections as independent candidates.

Voicepk compiled a comprehensive list of women contestants, showcasing their victories and close races, based on information provided by the Election Commission of Pakistan as of February 10, 2024.

Election 2024: Women’s Victories and Persistent Underrepresentation


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