January 24, 2024

Staff Report


After a hiatus of a few weeks, two incidents of violence against the Ahmadi community were seen again. This time the incidents took place in Daska and in Bharoke on January 24, 2024. It was alleged that in Daska, the area police desecrated Ahmadi graves and tombstones. This particular graveyard had been allotted to the Ahmadiyya community by the Government of Punjab.

The cemetery contained a total of 101 graves, with 75 of them marked by tombstones. Unfortunately, 65 of these graves with tombstones were desecrated, with the police claiming they had received orders from AC Daska, Anwar Ali Kanju.

A representative of the Ahmadi community said that the AC Daska Anwar Ali Kanju has long been involved in ordering anti-Ahmadi incidents to be carried out.

“It is time for the state to clarify what their policy on the desecration of Ahmadiyya graveyards is,” said Amir Mehmood, spokesperson of the community. “The government must clarify under which laws the AC gave these orders. The incident was completely unforgivable.”

Meanwhile, in a similar incident, the police in Bharoke also allegedly desecrated an Ahmadiyya graveyard there. They broke the gravestones and sprayed black ink on them.

“The question is, if the police itself is involved in such incidents, to whom should Ahmadis go for the assurance of their constitutional rights?” asked Mehmood.


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