Child worker found dead at employer’s home in Lahore

A young child laborer was reportedly discovered dead by hanging at his employer’s home in Lahore’s Baghbanpura area on Tuesday, according to the police. While Ehsan’s parents accused his employer, Shan Ali, of sexually assaulting and killing him, Shan Ali claimed that the boy had taken his own life by hanging. Police initiated a murder case based on Nawab Bibi’s complaint, Ehsan’s mother, who alleged that her son had worked as a domestic helper at Shan Ali’s residence in Angoori Bagh for about five years.

She accused Shan Ali of not allowing her family to visit her son except once during that time. On the day of the incident, Shan Ali informed Nawab Bibi of her son’s suicide, but she rushed to his residence with her husband, only to find that the body had already been moved to the city morgue. She accused Shan Ali of sexually assaulting and hanging her son and demanded his arrest for murder. The police have dispatched a team to apprehend the suspect, who had reportedly fled the scene.


Woman Alleges Abduction and Rape by Four Suspects in Dadu

A woman filed a rape complaint on Tuesday, alleging that four individuals abducted her in the Kotri SITE area, Dadu. According to her statement in the FIR, she had visited a factory to collect her husband’s salary, which was denied.

While heading home, one of the suspects contacted her and asked her to meet at Kotri Chowk for payment. After she arrived, three of the suspects forced her into their car and took her to a house where she was sexually assaulted. The suspects later abandoned her in the backyard of a nearby workshop and fled.


Hazara Movement Leader Accuses Senior Punjab Police Officer of Unlawful Detention 

A Hazara Movement leader has accused a senior Punjab Police officer of unlawfully detaining him over a business dispute. Rafiullah Shirazi, the Deputy Coordinator of PHM, alleged that Deputy Inspector General Tayyab Cheema arrested him without a valid case, forced him to sign Rs 210 million worth of checks, and seized his property documents.

Shirazi claimed that he was held for 13 days, during which he was also coerced into paying a Rs 6 million ransom. He called on top government officials to investigate. Meanwhile, PHM leaders have condemned the incident and demanded action against the accused. Police sources have dismissed the claims as baseless, questioning the delay in reporting and filing a complaint.


Temporary Suspension of Afghan Immigrant Deportations in Sindh; Repatriation Continues in Other Regions

Sindh temporarily halted the deportation of illegal Afghan immigrants, opting for train transport instead of buses for 760 immigrants. In parallel, over 66,000 illegal Afghan immigrants continued to repatriate voluntarily in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a process set to continue under the next government.

In Karachi, a search operation verified documents of over a thousand suspected illegal migrants, with those lacking valid papers sent to holding centers. The HRCP condemned mistreatment reports and urged the government to reconsider the deportation approach, especially regarding minors.


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