Schoolteacher Accused of Child Abuse in DI Khan; Search for Suspect Underway

A distressing incident in DI Khan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, involves a four-year-old girl allegedly sexually assaulted by her schoolteacher. The local police responded by filing an FIR based on her father’s complaint. The young victim, a grade one student, was reportedly assaulted during school hours.

She confided in her parents, leading to a medical examination and the registration of an FIR under relevant sections of the Pakistan Penal Code. While the accused remains at large, authorities have launched a search operation for his apprehension. Child rights activist Imran Takkar stressed that protecting children from such crimes is not only the school’s responsibility but also a collective duty of society.


Pakistan’s Supreme Court Petitioned to Halt Forced Deportation of Afghan Refugees

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has been requested to prevent the government from forcibly deporting or mistreating Afghan refugees and asylum-seekers possessing UNHCR-issued documents. Former PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar and others have asked the apex court to safeguard the rights of millions of people in Pakistan under Article 4.

They argue that the government’s actions represent a reversal of a 45-year-old policy of hospitality towards Afghan migrants, leading to violations of fundamental rights and court rulings. Advocate Umar Gilani urged the court to address the matter promptly and ensure justice is served.


Kohistan Resident Challenges Overturned Conviction in Supreme Court Amidst Death Threats

A Kohistan resident facing a death sentence from a local jirga is challenging the Peshawar High Court’s decision to overturn the conviction of three individuals involved in the “honor killing” of five women. The killers, now free, have joined the jirga’s “death squad” aiming to harm him and his brother. This stems from an incident in 2013 when five Kohistan women were allegedly murdered after a video went viral showing them clapping during a wedding dance.

In 2019, three men received death sentences for their involvement in these killings, but their convictions were recently overturned by the PHC’s Abbottabad Circuit Bench. Bin Yaseer, the creator of the dance video, has appealed to the Supreme Court to reinstate the killers’ sentences due to concerns for his and his brother’s safety, as the jirga’s death squad is actively pursuing them. Bin Yaseer’s legal representation, led by Hadi Ali Chattha and four other lawyers, is offering their services pro bono in this case.


Christians Renew Call for Judicial Inquiry into Jaranwala Attacks

Christians are once again calling for a judicial inquiry into the recent attacks in Jaranwala. The senior church leaders have reiterated this demand, emphasizing the need to hold negligent officials accountable and prevent future incidents. This request was made during the 17th Triennial Diocesan Council meeting of the Diocese of Raiwind, Church of Pakistan. The council identified specific areas consistently targeted against Christians, such as the Holy Bible, Christian families, the Cross of Jesus, and churches. They believe these attacks aim to weaken the Church’s witness.

The resolution also urged state authorities to address the root causes of religiously-motivated aggression rather than relying on short-term strategies or suppressing victims’ voices. The council acknowledged Bishop Marshall’s legal and advocacy efforts and called for stronger measures against false blasphemy accusations, a uniform marriage age of 18, protection of holy scriptures, and equal application of laws regardless of faith.


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