Honour Killing Claims Lives of Young Couple in Swabi

A young couple in Swabi was brutally killed in an honour-related crime in the remote Parmuli village of Razaar tehsil on Friday, according to the police. The woman had previously married Farzand Ali but left him to marry Salman Khan without obtaining a divorce, which was considered a breach of local societal norms. 1

The victim’s first husband and his relative gunned down the couple at a local bus stand, fleeing the scene. Police have registered the case as an honour killing and initiated a search for the assailants.


SC Orders Property Share for Sisters After 42-Year Wait

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has finally ruled in favour of two sisters, granting them their rightful share of family property after a 42-year delay. The court imposed a Rs 1,000,000 fine for the delay, with the possibility of property compensation if the fine isn’t paid. The SC criticized the inefficiency of revenue officers for causing such prolonged disputes in courts, allowing property extortionists to benefit.

During the hearing, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa strongly rebuked the petitioner for withholding the sisters’ property shares for over four decades, stating that this action went against law, religion, morality, and society. He pledged to uphold justice and set a precedent to prevent similar cases in the future. Justice Athar Minallah also called for an exemplary fine to be imposed.


Hundreds fall sick to toxic smog in Lahore

Toxic smog in Lahore has left 500 people sick and in need of emergency hospital care in the past 24 hours. The city is facing a severe smog crisis, with air pollution levels reaching alarming heights. Lahore currently ranks as one of the world’s most polluted cities. According to the Punjab Health Department, Jinnah Hospital received over 200 patients, while Mayo and Ganga Ram Hospitals each received 150 patients.

Patients are reporting symptoms such as dry cough, sore throat, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties due to the smog. Additionally, an increasing number of patients are experiencing issues related to their nose, ears, throat, and lungs. Medical experts advise respiratory patients to take special precautions during smog, including staying indoors, wearing masks and goggles, and consuming dry fruits and coffee.


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