Man Murders Two Nieces and Injures Son Over Mobile Phone in Jacobabad

Man fatally shoots two nieces in the name of family honour, also injuring his son for giving them a mobile phone. This tragic incident occurred in Barkat Ali Jakhrani village, Jacobabad district. The victims were Sajida, 26, and Shah Bibi, 36, while the suspect, Ali Nawaz Jakhrani, used a double-barreled gun.

The police promptly responded to the double murder, transferring the bodies and the injured son, Yar Mohammad Jakhrani, to Jacobabad Civil Hospital. Post-mortem examinations were conducted, and the bodies were later released to the family. As of the latest report, no case has been registered, and the perpetrator remains at large.


Teacher booked for sexually abusing his students in Sahiwal

A teacher from an art academy in Iqbalnagar, Chichawatni, has been accused of sexually abusing students and creating explicit videos. The case, filed by the police under relevant sections of the Pakistan Penal Code, was initiated based on a complaint by a parent, ‘Ab’, whose 13-year-old son alleged that the teacher had sexually assaulted him, recorded explicit videos, and blackmailed him for the past month.

The victim also claimed that the teacher had similarly abused three other students. District Police Officer Faisal Shahzad has ordered an investigation, and the suspect is currently evading arrest, with the police conducting search operations to apprehend him.


Over 165,000 Afghans Flee Pakistan as Deportation Deadline Looms

Over 165,000 Afghans have left Pakistan in the past month following a government order to leave or face arrest and deportation, officials reported on Thursday. The majority rushed to the border as the November 1 deadline neared, and police established “holding centers” to detain those arrested. Afghan authorities are struggling to process the returning individuals, including some experiencing Afghanistan for the first time.

Taliban’s refugees minister, Khalil Haqqani, urged Pakistani authorities to grant more time for a dignified return, emphasizing the importance of not antagonizing Afghans. Pakistani authorities detained hundreds of Afghans and pledged to continue their immigration crackdown, encouraging voluntary departures. Approximately 129,000 left from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while 38,100 crossed through Chaman in Balochistan.


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