Couple Shot Dead in Khanewal Over ‘Honour’ by Bride’s Relatives

A couple who recently had a court marriage was shot dead in Khanewal, allegedly by the bride’s relatives over ‘honour’ in their home in 112-10 R village near Jahania. The victims, Nasir Ramzan Gill (23) and Rimsha Afzal Sindhu, had faced opposition from Rimsha’s family regarding their court marriage.

Despite legal intervention and a court order allowing them to be together, the couple was attacked in their home, resulting in Rimsha’s immediate death and Nasir’s death while being transported to the hospital. Police are investigating, but no arrests have been made yet.


Young Bride Allegedly Set on Fire by In-Laws in Islamabad

A young bride was allegedly set on fire by her in-laws after enduring continuous physical abuse in Islamabad when she attempted to leave with her mother. The victim is now in critical condition at PIMS hospita. Nazia Bibi’s mother, Shazia, reported that her daughter, who had been married to Din Mohammad for a year, had faced ongoing mistreatment from her husband and in-laws.

Shazia attempted to take her daughter back home in G-14, Islamabad. but Amanullah (her daughter’s husband’s younger brother), her father-in-law, and her husband set her on fire with kerosene oil. She was rushed to PIMS in critical condition, where medical professionals are working to save her life.


Controversy Erupts as Wah Saddar Police Allegedly Hire Private Force for Official Duties

The Wah Saddar police station is accused of hiring a private force for official duties, including arresting, interrogating, and presenting suspects in court. This came to light through a viral video showing a non-uniformed individual escorting a prisoner. The suspect in another video alleges torture by the same non-police person and questions her arrest.

She requests an independent inquiry. Legal experts and women’s rights advocates criticize this practice, calling it a violation of police rules. The ASP of Taxila circle pledges to investigate and take action if wrongdoing is found.


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