Domestic Dispute Turns Violent: Man Stabs Wife and Attempts Suicide in Karachi

In Orangi Town, Karachi a distressing incident unfolded when a 60-year-old man named Mustafa stabbed his 46-year-old wife, Khalida Parveen, during a heated argument over a domestic matter. Following the attack, Mustafa attempted to take his own life by inflicting harm upon himself using the same sharp object. Both victims sustained severe injuries and were rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for urgent medical attention. The police investigation revealed that Mustafa’s anger had escalated when his wife failed to respond to his calls, and it was further exacerbated by his illness and unemployment.

The incident in Chishti Nagar, Orangi Town, underscores the tragic consequences of a domestic dispute, leading to serious injuries for both husband and wife. Mustafa’s desperate actions highlight the urgent need for addressing mental health issues and the challenges faced by those who are unemployed and grappling with personal difficulties.


FATA Tribunal Remains Inactive Despite Court Order for Revival

Despite a court order from the Peshawar High Court last year to revive the FATA Tribunal for handling certain cases under the repealed Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR), the tribunal reportedly remains inactive. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government issued a notification in July 2023 to revive the tribunal, but it hasn’t started functioning because the appointed chairman, former bureaucrat Zakir Hussain Afridi, declined the position, and no replacement has been appointed. The tribunal was tasked with hearing 11 cases, including that of Dr. Shakil Afridi, which had been pending since the FCR’s repeal in 2018.

In December 2022, the high court ordered the government to reinstate two defunct judicial forums, the Fata Tribunal and the commissioner FCR, to handle cases originating under the regulation before its abolition. Despite these orders and requests from senior lawyers, the tribunal has yet to be re-established. The court ruled that legal proceedings initiated under the FCR should continue, with the Fata Tribunal serving as the last forum to challenge orders issued by the commissioner. However, after the tribal areas were merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2018, the Fata Tribunal became non-functional due to the lack of mention in the Fata Interim Governance Regulation (FIGR).


Man Allegedly Murders Infant Daughter Over Paternity Doubts in Jaranwala

A man in Jaranwala is suspected of murdering his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter due to his belief that she was not his biological child. Umair Ali, who had doubts about his wife’s fidelity, allegedly pressed his foot onto the child’s chest while she slept, causing fatal injuries. The tragic incident occurred after he forcibly took his wife and daughter from her parents’ home in the middle of the night. The police were alerted to the situation by the mother of the deceased, Zareena Kausar, who reported the incident. Umair has been arrested and is under investigation, with charges filed against him under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code for the alleged murder.

Umair Ali, a resident of Ahmad Deen Wali, had been married to Zareena Kausar for five years, during which time they had a daughter. However, a month prior to the incident, Umair had allegedly subjected his wife and daughter to abuse and evicted them from their home. He later returned to Zareena’s parents’ house and, during a heated argument with his wife, asserted that their infant daughter was not his biological child but rather the offspring of someone else. This dispute led to the tragic incident in which the child’s life was tragically taken.


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