Police Launch Investigation into Honour Killing of Couple in Rawalpindi

A couple was killed in an honour-related incident following their love marriage, according to the police. Ali Raza, 38, and his wife Iman were murdered after Ali’s second marriage, which had taken place 18 months ago. Ali had arranged a separate rented house for his second wife, while continuing to live with his first wife, Mehwish, with whom he had three daughters.

Ali’s brother, Hasnain Raza, received a call informing him of the shooting and rushed to the hospital, where he discovered that both Ali and Iman had died. He suspects that Iman’s uncle and brother may be responsible for the murder due to their disapproval of her love marriage. The police have initiated a murder investigation.


Transgender Individual Fatally Stabbed in Peshawar

A transgender individual was fatally stabbed in Peshawar’s Faqeerabad area on Friday. The victim, Tahir (also known as Ghazal), who resided in the Tehkal area on the outskirts of the city, was attacked in their room and died on the spot.

Police visited the crime scene to gather evidence, and the body was subsequently sent to the hospital for an autopsy. SP Faqeerabad Syed Talal Ahmad Shah pledged to apprehend the individuals responsible for the murder. The motive behind the killing remains unconfirmed.


PPP Chairman Urges Distinction, Amnesty Calls for Halt in Afghan Deportations

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has voiced concerns over the repatriation of illegal Afghan immigrants, emphasizing the need to differentiate between innocent civilians and terrorists. He criticized the use of forceful measures against Afghan immigrants and called for a more nuanced approach in the government’s policy. Bilawal also expressed reservations about the lack of clarity in the caretaker government’s stance on this issue.

Amnesty International has joined the chorus of voices urging Pakistan to immediately cease the deportation, detention, and harassment of Afghan refugees. The organization highlighted the risks faced by Afghan refugees upon returning to Afghanistan amid a deteriorating humanitarian situation and called on Pakistan to uphold its international legal obligations, including the principle of non-refoulement. Amnesty raised concerns about transparency, due process, and accountability in the deportation process and noted the challenging conditions in holding centers. Afghan refugees shared their anxieties and difficulties, emphasizing the need for protection and support within Pakistan.


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