Woman Sets Herself Ablaze Over Dowry Theft in Muzaffargarh

A 35-year-old woman from Khangarh, Qadirabad, self-immolated after her household items, including dowry belongings, were stolen. She took this drastic action without initially reporting the theft to the police. After receiving initial treatment at two local health facilities, Zahida Bibi was transferred to Nishtar Hospital in Multan due to the severity of her burns, with up to 60% of her body affected.

Her family explained that her gold ornaments, clothing, and other possessions had been stolen during a two-day stay at her relatives’ home. The district police officer has instructed the Saddar Circle DSP to ensure Zahida receives proper medical care and to thoroughly investigate the theft.


Families of Terrorism Victims Demand Restoration of Military Courts

Families of terrorism victims in Pakistan are calling for the reinstatement of military courts, just days after the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional for civilian trials. They argue that military courts are necessary for swift justice in terrorism cases and that the Supreme Court’s decision has added to their suffering.

The families, organized under the banner of “Shuhda-i-Pakistan,” held a press conference and brief protest at the National Press Club in Islamabad. Nawabzada Jamal Raisani, the son of a slain leader, appealed to the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision on behalf of the martyrs’ families. They plan to file a petition in the Supreme Court on November 13 to restore military courts.



Overpopulation Worsens Gender Disparities in Pakistan, Calls for Urgent Action

Reportedly, Pakistan’s population of over 240 million is exacerbating gender inequality by straining resources and perpetuating disparities. Limited access to education and healthcare due to resource scarcity hampers women’s empowerment. Simultaneously, gender inequality further fuels overpopulation as it restricts women’s ability to make informed family planning choices. An official from the health ministry’s population program wing has called for a population emergency and the detachment of the National Finance Commission (NFC) award from population numbers to address this issue.

Federal Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan stressed the importance of improving access to family planning services and data systems. Overpopulation is causing economic challenges, prompting migration, and resulting in poverty, domestic problems, and a high number of out-of-school children. Encouraging women to join the workforce and empowering them in family planning decisions are essential steps. Integrating family planning programs, empowering local governments, and emphasizing lady health workers (LHWs) can help address this multifaceted challenge and promote sustainable development.



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