Two Killed, One Injured in Unprovoked Afghan Border Shooting: ISPR

Two individuals, including a 12-year-old child, lost their lives in an unprovoked and indiscriminate shooting by an Afghan guard at the Chaman border in Balochistan. The military’s media arm, ISPR, reported the incident and also noted that a child was injured during the shooting.

The attack occurred at the outbound gate along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border on October 4 at 1600 hours. Pakistani troops exercised great restraint to prevent further harm to innocent bystanders. The victims’ bodies have been taken to Chaman District Headquarters Hospital, and the injured child is receiving treatment after being evacuated by security forces.

Afghan authorities have been contacted to investigate the incident, apprehend the perpetrator, and hand them over to Pakistani authorities. The ISPR emphasized the importance of the Afghan government maintaining discipline among its troops to prevent such incidents from happening again. The incident has the potential to harm positive bilateral relations and Pakistan’s commitment to peace, prosperity, and development.

K-P Police Arrest 13 ‘Terror Financiers’ in Crackdown on Funding for Banned Groups

In a significant crackdown on terror financing in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, police have arrested 13 individuals accused of funding banned terror groups, including TTP. These financiers, apprehended in various provincial operations, played a key role in supporting terrorism’s resurgence. Director-General Imran Shahid stressed that secret supporters of banned outfits would face terror financing charges.

Shahid also revealed concerning statistics: in the past year, 90% of 173 registered extortion cases involved Afghan nationals, with 60% of them already arrested. He highlighted the collaboration between Afghan militants and locals in carrying out acts of terrorism. Additionally, a significant operation in Buner thwarted a major terror attack, resulting in the arrest of four key TTP terrorists and the seizure of a large cache of weapons. Interrogation uncovered their involvement in extortion, targeted killings, and terrorist activities in Buner, with training received in Afghanistan.


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