Federal Shariat Court Affirms Absolute Right to Khula for Women

The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has declared women’s right to khula, granted by Islamic teachings, as an absolute entitlement. This right allows women to dissolve their marriages through a court, and it cannot be denied by the legal system.

The court emphasized that women do not need to allege mistreatment to seek khula; they can simply express their desire to end the marriage within the limits prescribed by Islamic law. The court also clarified that if a woman returns her dower to her husband, the court should promptly grant khula.

Additionally, the court stated that there is no fixed mandatory amount for khula under Islamic law, and the compensation amount can be determined based on the evidence and circumstances of each case.


Wife of Farrukh Khokhar Found Dead with Signs of Strangulation 

Farrukh Khokhar’s wife, a mother of four, was found dead with signs of strangulation in their Dhoke Gangal home, according to the police. The victim’s brother alleged that her husband had murdered her and hanged her from a ceiling fan.

In an FIR with the Airport police, the brother claimed that Farrukh had a history of mistreating his wife, making threats against her, and having an extramarital relationship. He also mentioned that Farrukh and his girlfriend had recently returned from Qatar. The police arrived, and the body was taken to the District Headquarters Hospital for a postmortem. Initial findings showed marks of strangulation around her neck.


Teacher and Students Injured in Acid Attack by Suitor in Vehari

In Vehari, a teacher and two students were injured in an acid attack by a suitor. The attacker and an accomplice threw acid on the teacher when she rejected his marriage proposal. They were apprehended by locals and turned over to the police. The teacher’s father had previously reported threats and harassment by the attacker. Legal action has now been initiated, and a search is underway for the accomplice.

District Police Officer Essa Sukhera has promised justice for the victim and emphasized the need to combat acid attacks and violence against women in Pakistan.

This incident underscores the urgency of addressing such acts and supporting survivors. Civil society organizations and activists have called for stronger legal measures and awareness. As the investigation continues, there is hope for justice and prevention of future tragedies, showcasing the resilience of survivors.


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