Punjab CM Takes Action on Viral Threats to Newlywed Couple

Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has taken notice of a viral social media report regarding threats to a newlywed couple from Katcha Gopang in the Rukunpur Police Station area of Rahim Yar Khan. The couple, Sanna Bibi and Manzoor Ahmad, had eloped and had a court marriage in Karachi. The initial FIR filed by Sanna Bibi’s father, Latif Gopang, was dismissed after the couple’s statement under Section 164 in court.

RY Khan Police held a meeting with the elders of the Gopang clan, who argued that Latif Gopang’s demands were illegitimate. They claimed that Sanna Bibi had willingly married Manzoor and that Latif was using the concept of “Vanni” to manipulate and blackmail Manzoor’s family. Police investigations are ongoing, and it was revealed that Latif Gopang had visited Yaqoob Khan Gopang’s house on October 24, proposing to marry his daughter Sumaira Bibi to his son. Yaqoob refused, leading to a heated exchange and a recorded phone call to the police.


Hepatitis Epidemic Hits Faisalabad; Limited Hospitals for Treatment

Faisalabad, a city of nine million people, is grappling with a hepatitis crisis, with over two million residents infected, mainly with Hepatitis C. Only a handful of hospitals in the city can effectively treat this disease due to limited resources. Groundwater contamination, contaminated surgical instruments, and adulterated food are causing this problem. Recent screenings show that around 28% have Hepatitis C, and 4% have other forms of hepatitis.

Prof. Dr. Zahid Yasin Hashmi, Chairman of the Liver Foundation Trust, criticized the government’s response. In 2007, they proposed a Rs2 million liver transplant facility, but it was never implemented.

WASA can only supply clean water to 40% of the population, leaving 60% to rely on other sources, some of which are contaminated. Dr. Muhammad Anas, a health expert, highlighted the role of contaminated water and food. Despite the presence of quality control organizations, immediate food testing facilities are lacking, allowing substandard food items in the market.

150 water filtration plants fall short of meeting clean water demands. The District Health Authority (DHA) reported a higher Hepatitis C prevalence in rural areas due to contaminated materials and unhygienic food practices. Faisalabad faces all types of hepatitis (A to E), but Hepatitis C is particularly widespread.


Control Room Established to Repatriate Illegal Immigrants as Deadline Nears

The deadline for illegal immigrants to leave is today, October 31, and the government’s recent actions appear to be more determined than previous efforts. To facilitate the repatriation of illegal immigrants from the Karachi Division, a control room has been set up at the Commissioner’s Office. This decision was made during a meeting chaired by the Caretaker Home Minister. The control room, with the phone numbers 021-99205645 and 99022477, is tasked with monitoring the repatriation process.

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) Khalid Abdul Maroof has been appointed as the focal person, and Assistant Yousuf Khan will be in charge of the control room. Deputy Commissioners in the Karachi division have also been instructed to establish control rooms in their respective offices to oversee the repatriation process of illegal immigrants. They have been directed to create a communication plan to ensure the swift and efficient transportation of illegal immigrants from their current locations to holding points at the Chaman border.


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