Man Arrested for Forcing Girl into Ghag Custom Marriage in Kohat

A man was apprehended by the Jarma police on Monday after he declared his intention to wed a young girl under the Ghag custom, asserting a possessive attitude towards her. The girl had filed a formal complaint with the police, accusing the man of coercing her into the marriage.

A law enforcement team, under the leadership of SHO Fazal Mohammad, carried out a raid at the individual’s residence in the Muslimabad area, leading to the arrest of the suspect, Naseem Khan. He has been charged with committing the offense associated with the Ghag custom and for subjecting the girl to marriage pressure.


Man Fatally Shoots Pregnant Wife Amid Domestic Dispute in Attock

Man fatally shoots pregnant wife during heated domestic argument in Ghourghushti village, Attock district. Shuja Shah, who had remarried three years ago after his first wife’s death, had a troubled relationship with his second wife for several months.

On Monday, their argument escalated, leading Shuja Shah to open fire on his wife, killing her instantly. He fled the scene with the weapon, while the victim’s body was sent for an autopsy. The Hazro police have filed a murder case and initiated an investigation. In another incident, Jand police arrested a man for assaulting his daughter-in-law and her sister due to a family dispute in the Aurangabad area.


Deputy Commissioner Seeks New Venue for Women’s Cricket Match Amid Local Controversy

Swat’s Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Qasim Ali Khan, has instructed officials to find a suitable location for a women’s cricket match following objections from local residents and clerics in the Charbagh district.

Ayesha Ayaz, a 12-year-old athlete, had organized the match for girls from Babuzai and Kabal tehsils. However, before the game could begin, elders and prayer leaders arrived and prevented the girls from playing, citing immodesty. The Deputy Commissioner has now directed officials to identify an alternative and appropriate venue for the women’s match. This decision aims to ensure the event proceeds smoothly despite security concerns raised by the local chairman, Ihsanullah Kaki.


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