Man Arrested for Raping Pregnant Cousin After Deceptive Job Promise in Lahore

A man has been apprehended by the Liaqatabad Police in Lahore for sexually assaulting his pregnant cousin. The suspect, identified as Alakas, lured the victim to his residence under the false pretense of offering her a job. He deceitfully drugged her by mixing intoxicating pills into her juice, causing her to lose consciousness, after which he committed the rape.

Additionally, the suspect had coerced the victim by threatening to share compromising videos of her. SP Model Town Ammara Sherazi confirmed these details, while SHO Imran Anwar revealed that following the registration of a case, his team successfully apprehended the suspect at a restaurant.


Sindh High Court Denies Bail in Kidnapping and Child Marriage Case

The Sindh High Court (SHC) rejected bail for Mohammad Tahir Jatoi, accused of kidnapping, child marriage, and rape. The court found that the 16-year-old girl’s consent held little weight, considering her age, and highlighted concerns about the authenticity of the marriage certificate.

Tahir faces life imprisonment for rape and kidnapping. The court stressed the vulnerability of minor girls and dismissed the bail application, emphasizing the need to avoid leniency in such cases.


UN Urgently Calls on Pakistan to Halt Deportations of Afghan Nationals

The UN has urgently called on Pakistan to stop deporting Afghan nationals, expressing concern about plans to deport over 1.4 million undocumented Afghans. The UNHCR and IOM have reported a significant increase in Afghan returns from Pakistan, with 78% citing fear of arrest as the reason.

Mass deportations without considering individual circumstances would violate international laws and worsen the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is currently facing a dire situation with 30 million people in need of relief assistance, out of a population of 43 million, and 3.3 million internally displaced.


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