Alleged Sexual Assault of 12-Year-Old Boy in Kohat Prompts Swift Police Action

In Kohat, a 12-year-old boy was allegedly sexually assaulted by three individuals in an abandoned building in Mohallah Waizan. An FIR was promptly filed at the city police station after the victim’s father reported the incident.

The case highlights the importance of a swift and thorough investigation to ensure justice and underscores the need for community support in preventing such heinous crimes against vulnerable individuals. It is essential that the perpetrators are held accountable to set a strong precedent for the protection of children and the prosecution of those who commit such grave offences.


Accused in 7-year-old teen assault case acquitted in Peshawar

An accused in a gender-based violence case involving the abduction and sexual assault of a teenager around seven years ago has been acquitted. The court, led by additional sessions judge Syed Arif Shah, ruled that the prosecution failed to prove the case against the accused, Ahmad Nabi, a Nowshera resident, and found no conclusive evidence linking him to the crime.

Taimoor Khan, another accused in the case from Peshawar, is declared a proclaimed offender, and the court issued perpetual arrest warrants for him. The court cited his absconding status as prima facie evidence against him. The case was initiated with a complaint filed by the victim’s brother at the Town police station on September 22, 2016. He reported that his 16-year-old sister went missing after going to a seminary and later alleged that she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by the accused.


School Van Driver Denied Bail in Child Molestation Case by Sindh High Court

The Sindh High Court has rejected the bail request of a school van driver involved in a child molestation case. The court has instructed the trial court to guarantee the child’s well-being and privacy during the proceedings.

The accused, Syed Saad Ahmed, was taken into custody by the Taimoria police for allegedly molesting a four-year-old student he transported to school. The defense argued that the case’s FIR was filed a year later, and the accused had not committed sexual abuse but had occasionally disciplined the child with minor physical measures.

The court, led by Justice Omar Sial, found the defense’s argument regarding disciplinary actions to be an attempt to downplay child abuse. It noted that the child had visible injuries and that her school reports indicated her distress, putting blame on the parents for not recognizing the ongoing abuse earlier. As a result, the court dismissed the bail application and stressed that the accused should stay away from children during the trial. Regarding recording the victim’s statement, the court stated that it would not interfere with the investigation process, but the trial court must ensure the child’s privacy and comfort.


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