Alleged honour killing claims two lives in Sargodha

A woman and her lover were reportedly murdered by her brother and cousin in the name of honour. The woman had been forced into an unwanted marriage, left her husband, and rekindled a relationship with her lover.

Despite attempts by relatives to end the relationship, it ended tragically when her brother and cousin discovered them during a rendezvous. The suspects have been arrested, and authorities are investigating the incident as a case of honour killing.


Police apprehend murder suspect in the case of a mother of five in Narowal

The Narowal District Police announced the arrest of Asif Masih, the suspect behind the killing of 32-year-old Maimona Bibi, a mother of five, just two days ago in Saidu Dera village. The police, led by Shakargarh DSP Rai Ehsan Elahi, apprehended Asif Masih within 24 hours, aided by human intelligence and modern technology.

Initial investigations suggest that Asif Masih desired an illicit relationship with the victim and resorted to violence when she refused. Asif Masih was a neighbour of the victim and even attended her funeral. He brutally attacked the victim, attempting to gouge out her eye with a sharp weapon. DPO Rana Tahir confirmed Asif’s confession to the crime, and police teams were rewarded for their efforts.


Woman Gunned Down in Karachi Amidst Personal Dispute

A 35-year-old woman, Azra Rehmat, was fatally shot inside her Orangi Town residence in Karachi on Tuesday, according to the police. The authorities believe the murder is linked to a personal dispute. Azra, who used to perform at wedding events, was at home with her brother when three attackers entered, opened fire, and quickly escaped.

She sustained multiple gunshot wounds and tragically lost her life. Her body has been transported to Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi for necessary legal procedures.


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