4-Year-Old Girl Raped in Islamabad

A 4-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a homeless man who lured her from the street to an unfinished building in Alipur, within the jurisdiction of Shahzad Town police station, according to a police source. The victim’s father, Asad, reported on October 19 that his daughter had gone to a neighbor’s house for a religious ceremony but disappeared while playing in the street.

He heard his daughter’s cries, rushed to the scene, and found a young boy exiting the under-construction house. The child had bloodstained clothes. The police have filed a case under section 376-C but have not yet apprehended the assailant. In a separate incident, a gang posing as police officers robbed a passenger arriving from the Middle East, making off with one million rupees in Saudi Riyal and other valuables.


Sindh High Court Orders Action on Missing Persons

The Sindh High Court has ordered significant actions to locate missing individuals, including two siblings named Muaz and Talha. A two-member bench, led by Justice Nimatullah Phulpoto, addressed the pleas concerning their disappearance and others. Despite 35 Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) and 12 provincial task force meetings, Muaz and Talha’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The court expressed disappointment, considering it a setback for the police and the overall system. They emphasized the need for thorough investigations and requested reports from relevant institutions, instructing concrete measures for the recovery of missing individuals like Muhammad Farhan and Muhammad Waqas.


Arrests Made as Men Accused of Attacking Female Lawyer Lose Pre-Arrest Bail in Peshawar

Two local men accused of attacking a female lawyer were arrested after their pre-arrest bail was revoked by an additional sessions judge in Peshawar on Monday. The accused, Shaukat and another individual, were charged with assaulting Alishba Khan, a female lawyer, as she was on her way to the courts in Saddar.

Advocate Nouman Muhib Kakakhel, representing the female lawyer, argued that the attack was not just against an individual but also a violation of societal and legal norms. Consequently, the accused were taken into custody within the court premises.


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