Swat’s Charbagh Residents and Clerics Bar Girls from Playing Cricket, Citing Modesty Concerns

Residents and clerics in Swat’s Charbagh have prevented girls from playing cricket at the local stadium, deeming women’s sports participation “inappropriate” and “immodest.” A cricket match organized by Ayesha Ayaz, Pakistan’s youngest taekwondo athlete, for girls from Babuzai and Kabal tehsil was halted by religious leaders and elders who arrived at the venue and forbade the girls from playing.

They argued that it was immodest for the girls to engage in cricket on an open field. The organizers had intended to form district-level cricket teams for the girls who aspired to play professionally. Ihsanullah Kaki, the tehsil chairman, cited security concerns as the reason for barring the girls from playing in Charbagh, noting the unstable security conditions in the area due to the presence of suspected individuals with firearms. He mentioned that if they had been informed in advance, they could have arranged a match in a more secure location with boundary walls.


Married Woman Abducted, Raped, and Murdered in Bahwalnagar

In Bahwalnagar, Punjab, a married woman was abducted, raped, and murdered. Four men have been charged by the Bahwalnagar, Division police in connection with the case.

They abducted her from a grocery shop on September 27, promising to release her if no legal action was taken. Unfortunately, the victim’s body was discovered hanging from a tree in cotton crops near Chak Hotiyana after the abductors allegedly raped and killed her. Police are investigating the incident from various angles.


CII Chairman Opposes Presidential Clemency Power, Cites Conflict with Islamic Teachings

CII Chairman Dr. Qibla Ayaz opposes the president’s clemency authority, citing it as contrary to Islamic teachings. He asserts that the president should not possess the power to pardon sentences, especially in cases of murder. The CII is working with the law ministry to address legislation that contradicts Islamic principles.

In 2021, Dr. Ayaz criticized the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill, claiming it went against Muslim social values. He identified 12 problematic points in the bill and expressed concerns about its vague definition of violence and potential misuse of police intervention in domestic disputes.

Back then, the PTI-led government faced criticism for sending the bill to the CII for review. The absence of female representation in the CII, as required by Article 228 of the Constitution, and concerns about the bill’s impact on men were points of contention on social media.


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