Fatal Shooting in Rawalpindi Mosque Courtyard: Couple Slain in Love Marriage Dispute

A couple was fatally shot in a mosque courtyard today, allegedly by the woman’s family due to their love marriage in Jhelum. The Regional Police Officer of Rawalpindi Region, Syed Khurram Ali, has taken immediate action, instructing the District Police Officer of Jhelum to apprehend the culprits urgently.

Safia Bibi had married Rehman Rasool against her family’s wishes, leading to this tragic incident. The family initially contacted the couple to resolve the dispute, but upon their arrival in the village of Lillah, the family members attempted to kill them. Seeking refuge, the couple entered a mosque, where they were ultimately gunned down by the family members. The killers managed to escape from the scene.

Police promptly arrived at the location, transporting the bodies to the hospital for autopsy. A case has been filed against the perpetrators, and further investigations are underway. RPO Rawalpindi Region has ordered DPO Jhelum to ensure the apprehension of the culprits and deliver justice.


Deceased 5-Year-Old Boy Discovered near Dry Stream in Karachi

On Wednesday, the lifeless body of a five-year-old boy was located close to a dry stream in the Port Qasim area. Local residents noticed the body and promptly alerted the Sukkan police, who subsequently arrived at the scene and transported the body to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for necessary legal procedures.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the child, estimated to be about five years old, was found wrapped in a sheet and wearing a red shirt with blue trousers. Notably, there was a noticeable black mark on the child’s back, suggesting possible physical abuse. Authorities suspect that the child may have been killed elsewhere before being left at this location. The police are presently working to ascertain the victim’s identity.


MoU Strengthens Migrant Rights Protection in Pakistan

NCHR and IOM in Pakistan signed an MoU today to protect migrant rights, focusing on vulnerable groups. The agreement aims to promote safe and orderly migration while addressing the risks migrants face. The two organizations will collaborate on research, awareness, and policy advice in line with government priorities.

NCHR Chairperson Rabiya Javeri Agha emphasized the need for a safer approach to migration, citing recent tragedies. IOM Chief of Mission Mio Sato expressed concerns about migrants’ vulnerability, especially women and children, and highlighted the timely nature of this partnership to address evolving migration trends.


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