Prayer Leader Arrested for Attempted Rape of Minor in Mosque in Kasur

A prayer leader in Habibabad was arrested by Pattoki Police for allegedly attempting to rape a five-year-old girl in a mosque. The suspect, aged 30, lured the child to the roof under the guise of cleaning, where he reportedly tried to sexually assault her.

Mosque attendees then intervened, rescuing the girl. The suspect was detained by police after villagers apprehended him. In a separate incident, a fire in the Deo Sial Jungle near Chunian destroyed hundreds of trees, with the cause still under investigation.


Caretaker HR Minister Supports PM Kakar’s Assertion on Balochistan Missing Persons

Caretaker HR Minister Khalil George supports PM Kakar’s statement on Balochistan missing persons. George, on DawnNews, echoed PM Kakar’s claim of around 50 forceful disappearances. He mentioned being aligned with the PM as part of the cabinet. George lacked precise data but mentioned a Balochistan commission’s involvement in addressing the issue. He expressed sensitivity to the matter but stated he hadn’t sought extensive briefings.

George couldn’t comment on the commission’s performance due to his recent appointment. Regarding journalist Mudassir Naru’s disappearance, he emphasized the caretaker government’s role in overseeing elections and deferred to elected governments for legislation. The Islamabad High Court sought the attorney general’s involvement, and the Peshawar High Court requested replies on missing persons’ cases. IHC Chief Justice Aamer Farooq expressed concern about the prolonged issue damaging Pakistan’s image.


Sexual Assault Suspect Granted Bail as Victim Forgives in Peshawar High Court

In a recent update, the Peshawar High Court granted bail to a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman three months ago in Dir Lower district, as the victim pardoned him. Despite the non-compoundable nature of the rape charge, the court considered other factors and accepted the compromise.

The victim, supported by local elders, forgave the suspect in court, leading to his bail approval. Previously, a bail plea had been rejected due to strong evidence of the offense in a medico-legal report.


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