Two women shot dead for so-called honour

On October 12, 2023, in Matiari, Karachi, a man named Hayat Lashari allegedly shot and killed his daughter-in-law, Razia, along with two unidentified individuals, over accusations of Karokari. The incident occurred in the village of Karam Khan Lashari and has caused profound shock and sorrow within the family. The bodies of the victims were taken to a local hospital for post-mortem examinations, and the police have initiated an investigation into the triple murder.

In a separate incident in Thull, a town in Jacobabad district, Sindh, another man reportedly killed his daughter, Haseena Jamali, and a youth named Ihsan Jamali in the name of ‘honour.’ The suspect managed to escape the scene, prompting the police to launch a search operation in the area. The bodies of the victims were also transported to the hospital for further examination.


Sindh Government to House and Deport Illegal Afghan Immigrants

The Sindh government plans to create housing facilities in Karachi and Sukkur for undocumented Afghan immigrants awaiting deportation. A high-level committee, including civil and military officials, will oversee the process. Data collection will be handled by the Special Branch of the Sindh police, with intelligence agencies providing assistance.

All immigrants will be screened before being sent to the Chaman border for repatriation to Afghanistan by October 31. The committee is committed to ensuring all illegal immigrants are deported from Sindh and will meet again on October 16 to assess the situation.


Violent Riots Erupt in Hyderabad Over Alleged Quran Desecration

In Hyderabad, violent riots erupted late Wednesday night following rumors of a Quran desecration in the Pinjrapole area. The situation escalated as an angry crowd gathered outside the suspect’s residence, and it continued into the early hours of Thursday. Rioters set motorcycles ablaze and smashed the windows of a police van. As tensions rose, law enforcement officers attempted to intervene, but the mob’s anger grew, leading to clashes and property destruction.

Efforts to calm the crowd by senior superintendent of police, Amjad Ahmed Shaikh, proved unsuccessful, and the situation took a tragic turn. Teargas and aerial firing were used by the police to disperse the crowd, resulting in the death of an 18-year-old named Hasnain and injuries to his cousin Saeed. Four police officers were also injured during the turmoil. Multiple FIRs were filed in connection with the incident, but a separate one was not registered for Hasnain’s death.


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