Missing minor girl found killed in Faisalabad

A missing young girl was tragically found dead in Faisalabad, just a day after her disappearance. Her lifeless body was discovered in the bushes near her village, Chak 269-RB, Baranwala, close to Dijkot, prompting shock and grief among the community.

The girl’s father had reported her disappearance to the Dijkot police, leading to an FIR being filed under section 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Despite a night-long search by the entire village, her body was sadly found by a passerby the following morning. This heartbreaking discovery prompted a demonstration by villagers, demanding swift justice, and caused a temporary traffic blockage on Samundri Road. The Caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has taken notice of the incident and requested a detailed police report, while authorities have detained a few suspects for questioning in the case.


Man axes to death daughter, youth for ‘honour’ in Sukkur

A man brutally murdered his own daughter and a young man in Zahid Khosa village, located in the area under the jurisdiction of Kareem Bakhsh police station near Jacobabad on Wednesday. The motive behind this horrifying act was the suspicion that the two victims were involved in a romantic relationship.

According to law enforcement officials, the perpetrator, Hussain Bakhsh Jamali, immediately fled the scene after committing the double murder, taking the lives of his daughter, Haseena Jamali, and her boyfriend, Ehsan Ali Jamali. Subsequently, the police transferred the lifeless bodies to Thull Taluka Hospital. There, medical professionals conducted post-mortem examinations before returning the bodies to their respective families.


Govt bars action against registered Afghans

The government has instructed that registered Afghan nationals should not face any penalties and urged their voluntary return by November 1st. Afghan citizens with valid registration and Afghan Citizen Cards won’t be harassed, as this could harm Pakistan’s reputation.

The notification emphasized the importance of maintaining Pakistan’s international standing and goodwill earned from hosting Afghan refugees for 43 years. Provincial governments and relevant authorities were directed not to take adverse actions against these individuals. Illegal foreign nationals, including Afghans, have an extra 20 days to leave voluntarily before November 1st, after which appropriate measures will be taken for their repatriation.


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