Man Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Niece and Her Friend in an ‘Honour Killing’

In a tragic incident in Mevo Shaikh village, falling under the jurisdiction of the Taluka police station in Larkana, a man was apprehended for allegedly perpetrating the murders of his niece and her friend, citing ‘honour’ as the motive, on Sunday night.

The police have identified the suspect as Allahdino Umrani, who was taken into custody following the double homicide. The weapon used in the crime was also confiscated. According to the authorities, Umrani suspected his niece, Ms Shabana, of engaging in an extramarital affair with her friend, Jamil Ahmed Umrani, which presumably led to the fatal event.


Marriage Proposal Rejection Leads to Tragic Shooting

A fatal shooting occurred over a marriage dispute in Chatha Bakhtawar, Islamabad. Sawira Bibi was killed and her daughter, Muntaha Bibi, was seriously injured when a man, whose marriage proposal was rejected by the family, opened fire in their home.

The assailant fled when Bibi’s son, Rafayullah Khan, approached. The police have registered a case and are investigating further.


Police Rescue Underage Bride in Faisalabad Married Two Weeks Ago 

On Monday, the Satiana police in Faisalabad rescued a girl who had been married off at the age of 10, just two weeks ago in Chak 434-GB. The case was registered under The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 and the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) section 342, based on a report by Khurram Saif, the in-charge of the Jhokay Ditta police post.

The complainant received information about the underage marriage of the girl named Maskan to a man named Ismail Jatoi, with her parents’ consent. Moulvi Javed Iqbal had conducted the nikah ceremony. Acting on a tip that the girl was being held against her will, the police conducted a rescue operation, arresting the groom, Ismail, and actively searching for the nikah officiator and the girl’s parents.


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