Man shot wife for seeking divorce

A man shot and killed his wife as she was heading to court with her young son at Banar Chowk in Mingora. The victim, Naila Bibi, had initiated legal proceedings to seek a divorce from her husband, Akhtar Ali. Witnesses reported that Akhtar Ali, who was waiting for her at Banar Chowk, opened fire on his wife as she arrived, resulting in her immediate death.

Heartbreaking footage of the incident was captured by onlookers with their mobile phones and quickly circulated on social media. The video showed the child screaming and crying beside his mother’s lifeless body, evoking strong emotions throughout the city.

The police promptly responded to the incident, arresting the assailant and registering an FIR against him, launching an investigation. It was revealed that the deceased woman had sought legal recourse due to enduring domestic violence inflicted by her husband.

Clerk and drug inspector booked for rape in Rahim Yar Khan

Police have filed charges against a drug inspector and a health department clerk, accusing them of sexually assaulting a woman. The accused individuals were also involved in extortion. According to the initial report filed by the City Liaqatpur police on September 3, the complainant, ‘B,’ who resided in Madina Colony Khanpur, alleged that her daughter ‘R’ operated a maternity home clinic and lived at Adda Gulshan-i-Fareed.

The complainant mentioned that she frequently visited her daughter’s clinic to oversee its operations. However, the Tehsil Liaqatpur drug inspector, ‘I,’ along with the clerk ‘G,’ who was assigned to THQ Hospital Liaqatpur, had repeatedly sealed her daughter’s clinic. To reopen the clinic, her daughter allegedly paid a bribe to the clerk. 

Subsequently, both suspects continuously sealed the clinic and extorted money from her daughter through blackmail to permit its reopening. They also coerced her daughter into engaging in illicit relations. Eventually, the daughter filed a complaint against the suspects with the health authorities.

The complainant further informed the police that on August 27, 2023, when she was on her way to Liaqatpur, the suspects intercepted her, claiming that she had filed an application against them, and they wished to mediate. 

They forcibly took her to a house in Model Town, Liaqatpur, and allegedly sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. During the assault, they also recorded a video.

Meanwhile, medical stores in Liaqatpur city staged a strike in support of the drug inspector and health department clerk. They rejected the mediation offered by Acting DSP Saifullah Korai and demanded the withdrawal of the FIR.


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