Senate Panel’s Approval of Public Hanging Bill for Rapists Stirs Debate

A Senate panel’s recent approval of a bill proposing public hangings for rapists has sparked significant debate and controversy. Introduced by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed in response to a notorious gang-rape case in 2020, the bill has faced opposition from the PPP and government ministries.

Senator Sherry Rehman has been a vocal critic of this approach, arguing in favor of life sentences instead. She points to concerns about the potential for flawed verdicts and questions whether public executions truly serve as an effective deterrent. This decision has ignited discussions about the ethics and effectiveness of capital punishment in addressing crimes of sexual violence, raising important questions about the direction of criminal justice in the country.

Missing 4-Year-Old Girl’s Body Found in Neighbor’s Well in Swat

Police in Swat announced the recovery of a missing four-year-old girl’s body from a neighbour’s well in Kas Qambar. They swiftly apprehended the accused. The girl had gone missing on September 25, and her father reported the incident.

The investigative team, led by DSP City Amjad Khan and SHO Rahimabad police station Habib Sayed, worked diligently under the supervision of additional SP Swat Ghulam Sadiq to locate the missing girl.

The suspects, who were neighbours, confessed to the crime during interrogation, revealing that they had killed the girl and disposed of her body in their well. The police registered a case under Sections 302 and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code, citing a previous conflict between the accused and the plaintiff as the motive for the murder.


Couple found murdered at Sheikhupura home

A couple was discovered dead in their residence in Bhikki, Sheikhupura, on Sunday, according to authorities. Following alerts, a police squad and Rescue 1122 personnel promptly arrived at the scene of the crime, collected forensic evidence, and transported the bodies to the city morgue.

The victims have been identified by the police as Qasim and Sobia. Law enforcement indicated that the reasons behind the murders remain unclear, and a thorough investigation has been initiated.


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