Woman Set on Fire by Husband and Mother-in-Law in Lahore Dies

A woman, Faiza Liaqat, who had been set on fire by her husband and mother-in-law in Ichra, Lahore earlier this week, has passed away. She had been married to Asad for about two years and had a son together, had initially returned to her parents’ home following a dispute with her in-laws. However, she later reconciled with her husband and his family.

On September 17th, Asad and his mother, Uzma Bibi, allegedly set Faiza on fire. Despite receiving medical treatment, she ultimately succumbed to her burn injuries on Saturday. The suspects have been arrested, and the police are conducting further investigations.


Fathers of Noor Muqadam and Sarah Inam Plead for Swift Justice, Call on CJP to Act

The fathers of Noor Muqadam and Sarah Inam, Shaukat Muqadam and Inam-ur-Rahim, held a press conference, urging the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to expedite the trials of their daughters’ murder cases. Shaukat Muqadam stressed the painful circumstances of Sarah Inam’s death and the need for swift justice. He cited the example of Noor Muqadam’s case, where her killer had been sentenced to death twice but the case was still pending in the Supreme Court. Shaukat Muqadam requested the Supreme Court’s immediate action to avoid eroding public confidence in the legal system.

Inam-ur-Rahim shared that his daughter Sarah Inam was not safe in her husband’s home and expressed gratitude to the police for their support during the investigation. He lamented the opposing counsel’s attempts to prolong the case and called on the Chief Justice to handle their case promptly, suggesting that the government become a party in the case for justice.

Christians Rally Against Abduction of Fellow Community Member in Thatta

A rally was held by Christian community members, revenue department employees, and civil society organizations in Thatta in protest of the recent kidnapping of Irfan Masih. Masih was abducted a week ago after falling victim to a honey-trap scheme in Kandhkot.

His kidnappers have demanded a hefty Rs1 billion ransom for his release. Despite offering only Rs20,000 due to financial constraints, the family’s plea was rejected. The family and protesters are now appealing to the caretaker chief minister and federal authorities for assistance in securing Irfan Masih’s release, as they fear he is enduring severe torture while in the kidnappers’ custody.


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