Battagram’s DPO Sonia Shamroz Khan Receives International Award for Combating Violence Against Women

Sonia Shamroz Khan, the District Police Officer of Battagram, was honored by the International Association of Women Police for her outstanding efforts in preventing violence against women. She received the Police Officer of the Year award at an event in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ms. Shamroz, who has also held senior positions in the KP police, established complaint cells to address forced marriages of girls. She dedicated her award to female victims of gender-based violence and dedicated women police officers. Ms. Shamroz emphasized the importance of cultural sensitivity in her work, which has led to an increase in reporting of women-related cases.


Mobile Data Services Fully Restored in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) After 16-Day Suspension

After a 16-day suspension due to religious tensions, mobile data services in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) were fully restored on Monday, following an official request from the GB government to the Ministry of Interior. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reinstated 4G cellular internet services, citing improved security conditions.

The decision, made on September 18, aimed to ease difficulties faced by the public. The suspension had been implemented to maintain law and order and prevent the spread of malicious content on social media. The GB government urged responsible internet use and warned of legal consequences for disseminating inappropriate content. This move particularly benefits local freelancers and tech-related businesses impacted by the suspension.


Brutal Slaying of Afghan Coal Miner Unearthed in Balochistan’s Duki District

The lifeless remains of an Afghan coal miner were discovered in Balochistan’s Duki district, with reports indicating that he had been brutally killed. According to authorities, the body was located following a tip from local residents, and a police team promptly arrived at the scene, subsequently transporting the victim to a hospital in Duki.

The deceased has been identified as Saifullah, a citizen of Afghanistan who was employed in a coal mine. Shockingly, his hands and feet had been bound behind his back. The grim discovery was made within the confines of the Malizai coal mine field, and a high-ranking police official stated that an investigation into this tragic murder is underway.


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