Young Woman Set Ablaze by In-Laws in Lahore Over Family Dispute

In Lahore’s Ichhra area, a young woman is in critical condition after allegedly being set on fire by her in-laws during a family dispute. The victim, Faiza, has implicated her husband and mother-in-law in the incident, and they have been arrested by the police.

Initial reports suggest that domestic issues strained Faiza’s relationship with her in-laws. On the fateful day, she was subjected to physical abuse before being doused with kerosene and set on fire. Faiza sustained severe burns and was promptly taken to a local hospital. The case has been forwarded to the police’s investigation wing for further legal action against the suspects.


Honour Killing Arrest: Man Held for Sister’s Murder Before Wedding

In a recent incident reported on September 18, 2023, in Dera Ismail Khan, a man has been arrested by the police for the alleged murder of his 15-year-old sister. The crime, believed to be an act of honour killing, occurred just one day before the victim’s scheduled wedding ceremony in the Bilalabad area.

After committing the crime, the suspect, identified as Niazullah, managed to flee but was subsequently apprehended by the authorities. Police have recovered a 30-bore pistol, which is believed to be the weapon used in the killing, from Niazullah’s possession. The case has been registered with the Cantt police station.


Peshawar Resident Receives Life Sentence for Holy Quran Burning

A Peshawar resident has been sentenced to life in prison for burning the Holy Quran in the Khazana area five years ago. The court found him guilty of this offense without any doubt. He will receive credit for the time he spent in detention before the conviction. The burnt Quran pages will be buried after the appeal period, and the judge ruled that the accused intentionally and knowingly committed the act.

The incident was reported in September 2018, and the accused initially claimed he did it to provoke others to kill him, but later retracted his confession during the trial. The court rejected claims of torture and stated that the accused had become cynical due to personal issues and wanted to end his life by committing the act.


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