September 6, 2023

Staff Report


Bilal Shah, the husband of Tik-Tok sensation Hareem Shah, has been released from the custody of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after a five-day ordeal related to his wife’s alleged Twitter account.

Bilal Shah, who arrived in Pakistan roughly ten days ago, was apprehended by law enforcement personnel in Karachi’s Qayyumabad area. According to him, during his detention, he was extensively questioned regarding controversial tweets originating from an account operating under the name of Hareem Shah.

In a statement, Bilal said, “I am back. I was treated with respect by the investigation agency. They inquired about the Twitter account associated with Hareem Shah, and I informed them that I had no knowledge of it whatsoever. They examined my phone and other belongings, confirming that I had no involvement with the account.”

He revealed that his family had filed a First Information Report (FIR) regarding his alleged kidnapping by unknown individuals but indicated his intention to withdraw the complaint, stating, “I have faith in Pakistan’s legal system and don’t wish to pursue these cases.”

Security sources disclosed that Bilal Shah had informed investigators that he had no knowledge of who was managing his wife’s Twitter account. However, he believed that the account had Hareem Shah’s consent and approval, with her being aware of the account handler’s identity.

The sources also indicated that they were keen to interview Hareem Shah regarding the Twitter account. Several prominent figures, including members of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUIF) party, had reportedly raised complaints with the FIA concerning alleged defamatory content on the account.

Earlier in a video message Hareem Shah had said that her husband illegally apprehended the TikToker. The Family had registered an FIR for ‘kidnapping’ in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) police station in Karachi. 

Speaking on the matter to Sabahat Rizvi, Lawyer and Secretary of the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA), said that this incident proves that the justice system has fully failed to serve its people and the country has turned into a fascist state. 

“The judiciary, which has historically been an ally of the establishment, now faces a significant responsibility, as the very same establishment is violating its orders as if there is no law above them in this country,”

said Rizvi, referring to the recent violation of court orders in the arrest of Pervaiz Elahi and the wrongful apprehension of Bilal Shah.

Kamran Murtaza, a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, stated that if a person has committed a cognizable crime, they can be arrested and presented in front of a magistrate within 24 hours. Failure to meet the legal obligations of the arrest can result in wrongful apprehension.

Rizvi believes that under the FIR filed by Bilal Shah’s family, the FIA can be prosecuted.

“This action by the FIA is entirely illegal, and those involved should be named and subjected to criminal proceedings,”

she stated.


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