Ghazi University Professors Charged with Rape Following Student’s Video Accusation

Two Ghazi University professors in DG Khan have been charged with rape after a student’s video accusation on social media. The student had earlier reported the assault to the university, leading to the professors’ suspension. Despite this, the university didn’t press criminal charges.

The case gained attention again after the video’s release. The student claims she was lured by another student and then assaulted by the professors. The police are investigating following orders from Inspector General Dr. Usman Anwar, who emphasized the need for justice.


Man Arrested for Acid Attack on Wife in Karachi

In a shocking development in Liaquatabad’s acid attack case, the main suspect is the victim’s husband, Anwar Anu.

He was arrested after confessing to the crime, citing suspicions of his wife’s alleged affair. The attack left the mother of three with severe burns. CCTV footage captured Anu leaving the victim’s house post-attack.


SC returns petition on Islamia University Bahawalpur video leaks

The Supreme Court declined a petition regarding the Islamia University, Bahawalpur (IUB) video leak scandal. Zulfikar Ahmed Bhutta filed the petition, urging police to prevent the spread of leaked videos and images on social media. The request came after allegations of drug sales to students and harassment of female students at IUB.

The court’s registrar stated that the petition didn’t address public importance related to fundamental rights and noted that Bhutta hadn’t sought other legal avenues. Bhutta’s plea also emphasized the need for transparency in the investigation and requested that involved officers not be moved without the Supreme Court’s consent.


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