Husband Arrested for Acid Attack on Wife

In a shocking twist, the main suspect behind the acid attack in Liaquatabad has been identified as the victim’s husband, Anwar Anu. He was taken into custody by the police after being caught on CCTV leaving the house.

Anwar Anu admitted to the crime, claiming he did it because he suspected his wife of having an affair. The victim, a mother of three, suffered severe burns in the vicious attack.


University student accuses two physics teachers of sexual assault, blackmail

A young female student from Punjab’s Ghazi University accused two physics teachers of sexually assaulting and blackmailing her. In a viral video, she named the teachers and stated that they had kept her in the hostel overnight.

The university’s spokesman, Shoaib Raza, confirmed that the video is old and action was already taken based on the victim’s complaint. The university’s Twitter handle also shared a post stating that the teachers had been suspended as a result of the inquiry initiated four months ago.

The university claims that certain individuals are using the video to defame the university for their own interests. They urge legal action against such negative elements trying to tarnish the university’s reputation.


12 Children Fall Victim to Sexual Abuse Daily, Reported Cases Up by 30% in 2022

Twelve children fall victim to sexual abuse daily, with a 30% increase in reported cases in 2022 compared to 2021, as stated during a child abuse prevention training session by Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) in Peshawar.

Child rights expert Imran Takar highlighted the psychological impact of abuse, leading to fear and mental health problems for survivors. FNF Pakistan’s head, Mohammad Anwar, emphasized that abusers can be anyone known or unknown to the child, making awareness crucial. Symptoms of abuse include nightmares, depression, and inappropriate behavior for their age.


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