Man held for causing fatal burns to 18-month-old daughter in Karachi

In Karachi, a beggar was arrested for causing fatal burns to his 18-month-old daughter in an attempt to gain sympathy and increase his begging earnings. The infant, Faiza, succumbed to her injuries at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. The family was involved in begging, and Faiza’s mother revealed that her husband forced her into begging, leading her to move back to her mother’s home.

The police suspect chronic child abuse and neglect, as Faiza was malnourished with visible burns all over her body. Chand Mian, the suspect, is also a drug addict and allegedly torched his daughter in Korangi.


Married woman, man killed in the name of honour

In Sukkur, a man suspected of an extramarital affair shot dead his sister-in-law, Khanzadi Magsi, and her alleged lover, Dadan Mari Baloch, in Rais Ali Gul Magsi village near Rohri.

The incident occurred on Thursday within the jurisdiction of Salehpat police station. The suspect, Tariq Magsi, used a TT pistol in the double murder and managed to escape before the police arrived at the scene.


Newly-wed couple killed in the name of honour in Kasur

On Thursday, at Jambar Gulshan Adda, within the jurisdiction of Saddar Phoolnagar police station in Kasur, a newly-wed couple was brutally gunned down in the name of honor. Muhammad Zulfiqar and Shagufta Bibi, who had recently married after a love affair and were residing in a rented house in Kavien Malian, Phoolnagar, became victims of the tragedy.

Unidentified assailants broke into their home and shot them while they were sleeping on the rooftop. The police have filed a double murder case and are currently conducting investigations.


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