Sadiqabad Sisters Allege Threats to Lives After ‘Free-Will’ Conversion to Islam

Sadiqabad sisters, who recently converted to Islam at Dargah Bharchundi Sharif in Daharki, have raised concerns about their safety. In a video message shared on social media and statements to the media, they asserted that their conversion was a voluntary decision.

However, their father filed a complaint, alleging that they were kidnapped and forcibly converted. The sisters seek government assistance for shelter and protection. They now go by Muslim names: Dua Aiman Fatma (formerly Permaish Kumari), Jannatul Firdous (Roshna Kumari), and Haya Fatima (Chandi Kumari). Despite their decision being influenced by their education in Islamic Studies, they face continuous threats from their family and require security.


Female Student Gang-Raped at Fake Beauty Parlour in Sargodha

A female student from a private university was reportedly gang-raped at a fake beauty parlour in Istiqlalabad Colony, Sargodha. The incident occurred on Muharram 9 when she visited her classmate’s house. There, she was drugged and assaulted by multiple individuals.

The Factory Area police have registered a case against the classmate, her husband, and other unidentified individuals involved in the assault. The parlour, which was actually being used as a brothel, had been set up in a rented house.


Brother Arrested for Murdering Young Woman in Toba Tek Singh

A young woman, Yasmin Bibi, was murdered by her own brother, Shan Ali, in Chak 319-JB in the name of honour.

The Saddar police said Shan reportedly caught Yasmin with a man from their village, and he shot her dead on the spot. The police arrested Shan.


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