Man ‘kills wife, stepdaughter’

GUJRANWALA: A man allegedly killed his wife and teenage daughter in the name of honor, police said.

12 Additional Suspects Apprehended in Fatima’s Murder Case

SUKKUR: A further 12 suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the murder of Fatima, a young domestic worker who was subjected to fatal abuse in the residence of a spiritual leader (pir) in Khairpur district.

Ejaz Khaskhali, employed as a driver by Hina Shah, the wife of the primary suspect Asad Ali Shah, was apprehended in Karachi by Khairpur Police. An additional 11 individuals were also detained at Asad’s residence.

Among those arrested are Shaukat Ali Abbasi, Wajid Ali Ghanghro, Akram Lashari, Sajjan Jogi, Meharuddin Wandir, Sajid Shah, Ijaz Shah, Mehtab Shah, Mushtaq Shah, Aftab Ali, and Liaquat Sheikh.

‘8,105 Child Sexual Abuse Incidents Reported in Pakistan During Two-Year Period’

WAR’s statistics on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) from January 2022 to June 2023 reveal a concerning fact: the average age in the 93 sexual violence cases investigated stands at just 13 years.

WAR’s investigations also unveil that over the past two years, a total of 8,105 cases of child sexual abuse were officially reported in Pakistan. However, WAR contends that these numbers represent only a fraction of the true extent of the issue, with many cases likely going unreported.


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